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Another really important feature about documentation software is that it has to be EASY and FAST for the doctor or staff to use.
I've designed the program to do certain things FOR YOU, thereby saving you time and effort.

Since ALL chiropractors around the world need to document better, I've made this program accessible to ALL chiropractors. For this reason, I'm keeping the price low. Really, really low.

After evaluating countless electronic SOAP note programs on the market and being quite underwhelmed, and after more than 10 years teaching documentation, I'm coming out with my OWN documentation software.
I call it the "Bulletproof Chiropractic Documentation Program."

When designing it, it looked through 3 different lenses:

1) I've been in practice since 1987.

I've talked with a ton of chiropractors all over the country. Because of this, I have a good feel for the way most of us flow in our offices.

2) I teach documentation seminars all over the country.

I have a thorough understanding of the various documentation requirements and nuances for all of our patients.

3) My experience with insurance companies.

I review records and perform IMEs for insurance companies for PI and WC cases. I know what they're looking for and I understand their perspective.

The problem with most of the computerized SOAP note programs that are out there is that there are 2 sets of faulty assumptions:
Faulty Assumption #1:
  • The programmers assume that chiropractors know how to document properly.
Faulty Assumption #2:
  • Chiropractors assume that the programmers know how we're supposed to document.